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dcs- computer combination scale


  1. program form:  10 head or 14 head combination scales  z m...

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  1. program form:

  10 head or 14 head combination scales

  z material hoist

  work platform

  vertical packing machine

  finished product conveyor

  the weight of automatic sorting machine

  the metal detector

  i. scope of application:

  dcs-dt computer combination weighing system is applied to high speed and high precision weighing and packing system. rapid quantitative weighing for a variety of granular, sheet, strip, spherical and other materials, such as candy, fruit (raisins, dates...) nuts (walnuts, pistachios...) pet food, food, roasted seeds and nuts (peanuts, melon seeds...) puffed food (potato chips, shrimp,...) frozen food (dumplings, dumplings...) hardware, plastic particles and so on.

  two, the main features:

  1. when the weighing is quick, the vibrator can automatically adjust the vibration amount according to different target weight values, so that the material is more uniform and the combination rate is higher.

  2. high-precision digital weighing sensor and ad module are used for accurate measurement.

  3., variable signal can port and error self diagnostic function, greatly reduce the troubleshooting time and improve efficiency.

  4. according to the characteristics and by measuring the speed of opening and closing and opening angle fine-tuning in doumen, to prevent the card material.

  5. combination weighing, you can choose to set as many times blanking and cutting materials in order to avoid swelling material jam, blanking mouth.

  6. the aggregate processing system with "automatic sorting" and "dragging two" can directly eliminate the unqualified products and directly process the discharge signals issued by the 2 packaging machines.

  7. all contact parts with stainless steel, clean, sanitary, fully sealed, waterproof design, to prevent the invasion of foreign objects, and clean convenience.

  8., according to different operators set different permissions, convenient management.

  9. 、 multi language operating systems such as chinese / english / western can be used according to customer requirements.

  three, technical parameters:

case show


  • five material batching scales

  • three material batching scales

  • belt weigher batching system

  • intermediate measuring scales (computer flow scales)

  • flow scale

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