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ton bag packing scale -k8凯发国际入口

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  basic overview of 1 ton charter aircraft

  ton bag packing machine is a large weighing packaging equipment used for large bags of packaging materials, it is a weighing machine, automatic bag stripping, dust collection in one of the multi-purpose packaging machine. ton bag packing machine with high degree of automation, high packaging accuracy, packaging speed can be adjusted. the working process by artificial bagging, artificial tying, other work: plastic bags, bag, feeding, metering, exhaust, clamping and finished product conveying all according to the program automatically, finally shipped by truck or pallet loading. the utility model has the advantages of perfect detection and control function, reliable work, high measuring accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. mainly used in mineral, chemical, building materials, food, feed industry, large bags of materials packaging.

  2, technical parameters

  2.1, weighing range: 1-2 tons / bag

  2.2, bagging capacity: 0-40 tons / hour

  2.3 accuracy: dynamic weighing 0.5%

  2.4 、 work power supply: 380v, 50hz, 11kw

  2.5 、 air pressure: 0.5mpa

  2.6, gas consumption: 0.6m3/min

  2.7, dust air volume: 800-2500 m3/min

  2.8, relative humidity: less than 80%

  2.9, environmental humidity: -100 degrees c-400 degrees c

  3, technical features

  3.1 ton bag packing machine is tailored and designed according to the respective characteristics of powder materials and the requirements of different manufacturers. equipment advanced technology, durable, less wearing parts.

  3.2, feeding and packaging stepless speed regulation, equipment performance is stable, high packaging accuracy, speed.

  3.3 programmable electronic control system, the control process is highly reliable.

  3.4. dustproof and dedusting design is advanced, and dust pollution in working environment is reduced.

  3.5. weighing system is an electronic platform scale measuring, the panel digital calibration and parameter setting, with the cumulative weight display and automatic peeling, automatic zero calibration, automatic fall correction function, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability.

  3.6. meter is equipped with communication interface, easy to on-line networking, real-time monitoring and network management of the packaging machine.

  ton bag packing machine for a wide range of applications, high packaging accuracy, high quality, for the use of our customers