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notes on purchasing quantitative packing scales / packing scales -k8凯发国际入口

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  1., we should pay attention to the quality of packaging scales manufacturers

  in the purchase of computer packaging machine manufacturers, quality is the primary indexes, including the well-known enterprises, r & d / production capacity, peer users capacity and credibility, documents (mainly business license, measuring appliance manufacturing license is complete).

  2. pay attention to the measuring range of the packing scale

  the measuring range of an electronic package weighing instrument is the distance between the minimum quantitative point and the maximum quantitative point. the measuring range of science is that the maximum range is 10 times of the minimum range. for example: reasonable range should be 1~10 kg, 0.5 ~ 5 kg, 5~50 kg, etc., because the lighter weight of a single package, the relative relative error rate is higher, just like weighing 50 grams of material with a 100 kg scale, the error will be too large.

  3. to buy packing scales, we should pay attention to the measurement accuracy of packing scales

  at present, the market automatic metering scale in line with the provisions of the national metering, mainly divided into x (0.5) and x (0.2) level (ie error rate 0.5%, 0.2%) two kinds. x (0.2) class products weighing accuracy is higher than that of x (0.5) level products, but similar products in x (0.2) level of product packaging speed is lower than that of x (0.5) products, so if the user of the measurement speed is high in precision requirement is not high, should choose x (0.2) level products, on the other hand, please select the x (0.5) product.

  4. packaging speed is also an indicator of product quality

  electronic packaging weighing equipment packaging speed and accuracy is inversely proportional, that is, the faster the relative accuracy is lower, on the contrary, the higher the accuracy. selection of semi-automatic weighing, such as speed more than 1200 packs / hour, artificial bags will not be able to keep up with, so the packaging speed is too fast, no practical significance! full automatic equipment ensures the accuracy, and the faster the better!

  5. control system operation interface is difficult

  when purchasing equipment, we should not only choose the equipment with proper function, but also choose the equipment with simple interface and easy control, so that it is convenient for the workers to operate and maintain daily. mainly the operation of the computer controller panel.

  advanced performance, stability and reliability

  the stability of the product depends on the advanced technology of the equipment and the reliability of the main components, because they directly affect the service life, measurement accuracy, packaging speed and other important performance indicators.

  6., after sale service

  specializing in the production of packaging scales manufacturers, after-sales service is also very important reference indicators, mainly reflected in whether there is a perfect installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and other services.

  7. other conditions

  in addition to the above factors, the appearance of the packing scale, the number of relevant accessories, the safety of the product transportation, the delivery time of the products, the payment methods and so on, are the factors that can not be ignored.

  select the quantitative packaging weighing instrument, attention should be paid to the quality of products, usually reflected in the packaging accuracy and speed.