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  common classification of quantitative packing scales

  quantitative packing scale (also called package balance, filling scale) is in accordance with the order and quantitative values set in advance of an active instrument will be a large number of bulk materials into active quality flat small proportion of load, applicable to the food, feed and other occupation of export goods weighing fixed value sinotrans.

  when choosing a quantitative packing scale

  first of all, understand what kinds of packages are divided into. packaging scales are often classified according to their layout methods, i.e., according to the adaptive classification of materials, and also can be classified according to the size of the package and the needs of different manufacturing processes.

  1. classification according to production process requirements

  (1) net weight type quantitative packing scale. this kind of scale operation, the material in the weighing hopper after weighing, and then into the bag, which improves the measurement accuracy and speed.

  (2) gross weight type quantitative packing scale. in this kind of weighing operation, the packing bag is used as weighing carrier, the material is directly weighed into the packing bag, the layout of the equipment is simple, and the total height is decreased.

  (3) movable quantitative packing scale. such scales will be weighing bodies and conveyor, sewing machine, air compressor, dust collector, dryer and other equipment arranged in the mobile car above, you can always replace the workplace.

  (4) fixed quantitative packing scale. this kind of scales will be placed under the fixed position of the steelyard, and will cooperate with the conveyor and sewing machine, and the centralized air source and dust removal equipment will be used for fixed value packing.

  2. according to the number of scales classification

  (1) double scales bucket type. double scale packing scales can meet the needs of rapid packaging. this type of packing scale often adopts gravity feeding method, and two weighing scales are used for weighing, and the required packing time is greatly shortened.

  (2) single weighing bucket type. this is the most common way, packaging scales commonly used is a single balance bucket type. some scales are made of stainless steel.

  (3) no balance bucket type. adhesion of high material briefly attached to the scale of the package balance bucket, affecting the accuracy of packaging, such as finishing is not timely, but also moldy, transformation, resulting in substandard products.

  without scales, the packing scales can be avoided by weighing the package and the material together with the sensors, which are directly connected with the bag tissue. because of the lack of the height of the scale, the equipment of this scale is highly decreased.

  3., according to the size and size of packaging classification

  (1) constant packing scale. weighing range of 20 ~ 50kg packaging scales called constant packaging scales, 20 ~ 50kg packaging bags, large and medium size, easy to accumulate, easy to transport, so this kind of packaging scale used the most.

  (2) medium quantity packing scale. weighing range from 5 to 20kg is called the medium quantity packing scale.

  (3) small package scales. weighing scales ranging from 1 to 5kg are called small package scales. because the packaging quantity is small, the absolute error value is small, this kind of packing scale is more exquisite in the choice of the sensor.

  4. classification by feeding method

  (1) belt feed type. the way of packing scale feeding conveyor belt feeder organization is selected, has simple structure, stable operation, saving power and other advantages, the feeding speed is the use of pneumatic gate blocking equipment control the thickness of the material to be completed, a granular material with good fluidity and usually the powder has the versatility outstanding at present, the use of appropriate widely.

  (2) auger feeding type. the auger feeding type packing scale uses the feeding auger, which can overcome the defect that the belt feeding organization is not sealed tightly. stranding dragon feeding, there are flat and long twist of the dragon, the choice of oblique dragon is to overcome the gravity of the material, in order to achieve the desired role, usually the ramp of the dragon's export can not be less than imports. under normal circumstances, the size of the two dragon to feed feeding speed, fast feeding, the size of the auger along with the operation, slow feeding only small auger operation.

  (3) gravity feeding type. gravity feeding is based on the quality of the material itself, to feed the free fall method, dynamic strength is need not rated, but the demand of material has excellent scattered, sometimes in order to feed uniformly smooth, also use loose pneumatic equipment. feeding speed, usually with the size of the door opening to control the flow speed, suitable for good flow of granular materials.